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What is the most important element of your building? The roof, of course! At RGB Construction, our team has the experience to install, maintain, and repair many types of roofing systems.

With help from us, you can choose a new roof that will look great and may help to lower your energy bills for your residential home or commercial building. Along with that, we can fix your roof if any damage has occurred to it. You will not find a better roofing contractor Newark DE. We have the experience to handle any type of roofing project.

Roof Replacement In Newark, Delaware

When you have an older roof, you should think about replacing the structure. After about 15 to 25 years, the roof will start to show signs of age. You might notice that your heating and cooling bills are on the rise. In addition to that, the roof can’t protect your home from the outside elements like it did in the past. If that is happening with you, it is time for a roof replacement.

Repairing older roofs can be costly. In many cases, it is a cheaper option to replace the roof than repair it. Our professional team will come out to your home or business and inspect that roof for you. We will give you a few options to determine whether you need to repair or replace it. If you need a replacement, we will work hard to find suitable choices for your building. Plus, you can count on us to install it. With a roof replacement, you will have some peace of mind knowing that your structure is safe throughout the year.

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Residential Roof Repair In Newark, Delaware

There is never a good time to need a residential roof repair. Damage always happens at the worst time. One moment your roof is fine, and then suddenly, you see a leak coming from your ceiling. With roof damage, you never want to ignore it. The damage can cause problems throughout your home, especially if you are dealing with water seepage. When you spot damage, make sure to call a professional team to inspect your roof.

Our team will assess the damage and break down the costs of the repair. With that, you can choose the right option for your budget and home. When you spot damage to the surface of your roof, make sure to call out the professionals to take care of those issues. RGB Construction will inspect and repair all of those roofing problems with your residential home.

Commercial Roofing Contractors In Newark, Delaware

You might think that all roofs are the same, but a commercial roof needs specialized care, especially when you spot signs of damage. Since commercial roofs use various construction materials, you need a professional team to handle these issues. Our team has the experience to take care of any problems with your commercial roof, including maintenance, repairs, and replacement. Along with that, we will make sure that there are limited interruptions to your daily business activities. When you need help with your commercial roof, you can count on our team of roofing professionals.

When you are ready to schedule a consultation for your next roofing project or repair, please give us a call or fill out the contact form.

Our commercial roofing services include:

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If you require roofing services in the Newark area, reach out to our team. We are here to help with all of your issues. Our team can answer any questions that you may have about your residential or commercial roof. Whether you want a new installation for your business or need an urgent repair for your home, make sure to talk to us. You can schedule a consultation by filling out the contact form or calling the office.


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