Should Your Roof Have Synthetic Underlayment?

Back in the day, roofers would commonly use an asphaltic felt paper underlayment. While traditional roofing would use felt as an underlayment, a growing market demands more alternatives like synthetic underlayment. Most people think of roofs only think of the shingles on top of it, but they often put a layer of protection underneath the

5 Reasons to Not DIY Your NJ Roof

The roof is a barrier between you and the elements. When your roof is damaged or needs to be replaced, you may consider skipping professional residential roofing services to try doing it yourself. Sure, it may be tempting to save some money on the repairs by fixing your own NJ roof, but there are plenty

Common Winter Roofing Problems in New Jersey

The winter weather in New Jersey can be harsh and unforgiving, due to the northerly location of our state. For a number of reasons, your roof can end up taking a lot of damage from the winter weather. Without proper precautions, a bad enough winter could even cause serious damage. That kind of damage is

5 Common TPO Roofing Problems to Consider in 2023

TPO roofing is a popular roofing system for flat or industrial roofing. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing commercial roofing materials available. More and more people are investing in TPO roofing, which is why it seems more people are facing the common problems with it. TPO roofing is indeed a highly cost-effective and

How To Repair A Sagging DE Roof

Worse than unappealing, a sagging roof speaks of extensive damage to your DE roof. Roofing is not designed to look like a swayback cow or have curves in it. The lines of the roof should be straight. In other words, if you see sagging, it is something that needs to be fixed as soon as