Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

When you are dealing with a damaged roof, you want to know if your homeowners insurance will pay for all the repairs. Unfortunately, there is no general answer for your roofing dilemma. Certain factors may exclude your insurance company from writing a check for the repair. On the other hand, you may be surprised to

What Are Laminated Shingles?

At one time, laminated shingles were only found on upper scale homes. Now, these types of shingles are gaining popularity in the American home marketplace. In fact, you can discover laminated shingles on many houses in your own neighborhood. If your home doesn’t have these shingles, then you might want to consider a replacement. Laminated

How To Read Energy Ratings for Windows and Doors

Anyone who has ever struggled with a high electric bill has probably looked into the purchase of energy-efficient doors and windows. By creating a better seal around these openings, you help to keep the internal air from mixing with the outside air. This keeps the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer,

Should I Repair Or Replace My Windows?

When you buy a home, the occasional repair job is a part of the bargain. Whether you pay someone else or go the DIY route, every home will eventually require window repair. Not surprisingly, window repairs are some of the most frequent due to their prominent location and high breakability. When you find that your

Are Triple Pane Windows Worth the Extra Cost?

Windows might very well be the most fragile part of your home. Even if that isn’t literally the case, they are certainly the most likely components to be broken. Of course, breakability is par for the course when you are dealing with glass. However, you can reduce the risk of breakage by using thicker windows.

What Are The Advantages of Steep-Slope Roofs?

Have you ever thought about a steep-slope roof for your home or business? There are certain advantages to these styles of roofs. However, these roofs need more materials and cost more than a flat top roof. For some homeowners, those reasons can make them shy away from these roofs. In most cases, these roofs offer