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Commercial roof construction can be complex for a number of reasons. There are challenges that are part of commercial roofing that are far more complex than the problems associated with residential roof construction.

In order to understand commercial roof construction, a building owner or building manager has to deal with the logistics of a roof, which include the mere size or expanse of it as well as all the structures or machinery that usually cover large portions of it. Those obstacles almost always entail air/heating units (HVAC), air vents, skylights, piping, drainage systems and any other machinery related to the function of the building. These obstructions can be a hindrance to the maintenance, repair, and replacement of a commercial roof and are part of what makes commercial roofing more complicated than residential roofing.

Other Challenges

Other challenges that go along with commercial roofing include standing water (ponding water) that can accumulate on commercial rooftops and lead to leaks that deteriorate the roof itself as well as the building beneath it. Other leaks can occur through the faulty installation of flashing. Without inspections for gaps, leaks can come directly through the flashing, and improper installation of flashing can also be affected by wind and wind gusts that cause tenting, billowing and blow-offs.

There is also the problem of moisture that becomes trapped under the roof’s cover and causes bubbling or blistering. Improper installation can also contribute to these conditions. Applications of various roof coatings to a wet surface or applications in stages can also bring about blistering.

Commercial roofs can also be affected by inadequate repairs, insufficient maintenance, and bad installations. Other problems can occur from using the wrong materials for a particular type of commercial roof. A roof can be completely ruined and cost more when materials are in question as well as installation procedures. Roofing inspectors and regular maintenance can alleviate many commercial roofing problems before they turn into excessive repairs or replacements.

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Commercial Roofing Material Choices

Choosing commercial roofing materials can be difficult, as there are many roof membrane selections that are specific to the requirements of a particular roof. The features for any commercial roofing materials should include:

  • Protection through multi-layered membrane
  • Material flexibility
  • Easy maintenance and repair (before and after installation)
  • Light reflective and energy saving
  • Heat and UV resistant
  • Leak/puncture resistant
  • Resistant to grease, oil and chemicals 
  • Cold weather installations
    Seam strength that is self-adhered, heat welded, torched, cold-applied or mopped
  •  Maximum guarantees

The most utilized materials include: 

Asphaltic Applications 

Modified Bitumen for torching, mopping and cold applications of membrane products Built-Up – (mineral and gravel surfacing)

Liquid Applied

Regular and Premium membrane coatings applied for asphaltic, metal and single-ply roofs


TPO EverGuard thermoplastic applications for full adherence roofing procedures, mechanically attached roofs and Rhino bonding

Benefits of GAF Commercial Roofing Products

GAF provides quality commercial roofing products that commercial property owners and building managers have come to trust in and depend on for their commercial roofing needs. The company has endured since 1886 and is the leading manufacturer in the industry. Their roofing products go through testing to prepare them for enduring protection that goes long beyond the installation phase. Also, GAF offers an array of color choices that no other single-ply manufacturer can provide, and within those color selections, Cool Color technology has been incorporated to help defray energy costs.

GAF Single-Ply Roofing Systems

GAF single-ply systems utilize various application options that include the following:

1. EverGurard Extreme TPO is one option that can give 35 years worth of performance that is a guarantee not to be taken lightly. This choice provides superior roof protection against heat and Ultraviolet damage.

2. EverGuard TPO Smooth is one option that is economical for commercial property owners. Any commercial enterprise that needs a new roof can be assured that TPO Smooth is more than reliable, durable and resistant to almost any element.

3. EverGuard TPO Fleece-Back is another economical and flexible option that is a good one for restoring applications and providing added assurances against damage from storms and punctures.

4. EverGuard Freedom Self-Adhering TPO is utilized when a commercial roof is in need of a quick, easy and odorless application. The Freedom Self-Adhering TPO is a recommended option.

Commercial roofing can be complicated and if you are a business in need of the best and latest in commercial roofing advice, complete the online contact form and a commercial roofing expert with RGB Construction Services will be happy to get back to you with the information you need to repair, replace, inspect or maintain your commercial property.