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Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements. It keeps rain out of your ceiling, it keeps the chill out and heat in during winter, and the air conditioning in and the heat out in the summer. On top of this, it’s also crucial to the personality, resale value and curb appeal of your house. A weird or ugly roof greatly reduces its overall aesthetic value. A leaky roof causes untold problems, and a roof in need of replacing is almost always fraught with illegal code violations that make selling or renting the home to be flat out against the law.

Yes, a roof is important and can make or break a house in a lot of ways. When your roof is damaged and in need of repair or replacement, you want the best roofers in South Jersey to handle this. Only the best should handle such a crucial aspect of your home. You need RGB Construction, the best roofing contractors in South Jersey.

Who Are We? 

We are among the best roofers in South Jersey, proudly GAF Master Elite certified. Only the best can boast this certification – a punishingly strict set of standards only a scant 2% of roofing contractors in North America match. We use the best shingles and roofing materials available, ensuring longevity and quality.

Roof Replacement in Hopewell Township, New Jersey

While frequent inspections and very quickly-scheduled repairs go a very long way to prolonging the life of a well-built roof, they’re not immortal. Roofs eventually break down to the point that repairs are bandages at best.

When that time comes, we’re prepared to install a brand new roof on your residence or your business that’ll last for years to come and leave you 100% at peace with its durability and integrity.

We can install all manner of a flat or sloped roof, with any material including membrane, metal, white, shingle, asphalt and decorative ribbed roofing. We will build this roof quickly wit has little disruption to your home or business life as possible, for a price you can be happy with.

Residential Roof Repair In Hopewell Township, New Jersey

Repairs are, of course, the solution we strive to make viable for your home. These are less costly, less time consuming and by far less disruptive to accomplish. We’re equipped to repair a host of roofing-related issues such as solar installations, skylight, insulation problems, leaks, missing shingles and structural problems.

Common roofing problems we handle:

Roof Replacement
Commercial Roofing Contractors

Commercial Roofing Contractors In Hopewell Township, New Jersey

We’re ready and able to handle even the most demanding commercial roofing repairs and replacements. We can handle flat or sloped roofs, multiple types of membrane roofs, metal (ribbed or otherwise), asphalt and white roofs as well as traditional shingle roofs.

We also offer restoration where older landmark materials are in use – something only the best roofing contractors in South Jersey can do.

How Do I Know I Need Roof Repairs? 

Sometimes the problems are obvious. Missing, loose or damaged shingles are pretty easy to spot. Reduced HVAC performance can mean a hole or leak or failure of insulation. Leaks make themselves known very quickly, in most cases.
However, not all roofing problems are immediately visible nor their symptoms obvious. This is why having your roof inspected annually at the very least is a good idea. Our expert roofers can spot serious problems before they become so serious, meaning they can be fixed more affordably and quickly.
Don’t wait until you have major roof damage, get your roof inspected right away, or fix those problems right now before they become worse. Fill out the contact form below, or call right now to schedule an appointment. Time is definitely money when it comes to your roof!