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Roof Replacement

In Ewan, New Jersey

As a smart home or business owner, you know your roof is a very important part of your home or building. But, do you know the extent of why this is the case? Do you know why it so directly impacts resale value, and can even risk your home being condemned or your business being temporarily shut down?

Obviously, the biggest recurring functions of the roof are to keep water out and to keep climate control properly contained. Water damage is an insidious thing, causing your home’s structure to degrade, allowing black mold to form, and just making your home wet and unpleasant.

If your heat and cooling weren’t properly contained, your power bill would be far worse. On top of all this, pests are always looking for a way into your house. Roofs must stand up against critters as well.

With all this in mind, the consequences of a damaged roof should be accepted as pretty reasonable. When it comes to your roof, you want the best roofers in South Jersey to handle it. You want RGB Construction, with our decades of experience, and our customer-affirmative attitude.

Maybe a lot of people claim to be the best roofing contractors in South Jersey, but with us, it’s a matter of identity.

Roof Replacement in Ewan, New Jersey

Our customer-first attitude shows most with how much we prioritize repairs where possible. We prefer repairs if they’re feasible, as they save you time, money, and can prevent a lot of stress and frustration.

Some companies will try to vie for replacements no matter what, but that’s not how we do things around here. If your roof can be repaired, we will make darn sure it happens.

Residential Roof Repair In Ewan, New Jersey

Sooner or later, roof replacement is inevitable. Repairs can only be a go-to for so long before it just becomes impractical or unsafe. We are very aware of how exhausting it is to live in your home while a roof is being replaced. We try to make it as quick and painless as possible.

Common roofing problems we handle:

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  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Roof Tune-Ups
  • Skylight Repair
  • Loose Shingle Repair
  • Energy Efficient Shingles
  • Roof Ice Melt Systems
  • Attic Insulation
  • Roof Ventilation Issues

Commercial Roofing Contractors In Ewan, New Jersey

As a business owner, your roof having even small problems can be a huge stumbling block. Only the best roofers in South Jersey can claim to be properly experienced in all forms of a commercial roof.

  • Metal Roof Repair
  • Metal & Flat Roof Restoration
  • Roof Inspection & Maintenance
  • White Roofing Systems
  • Insulated Roofing Systems
  • Modified Roofing Systems

Don’t let your business be shut down for long periods of time, don’t wind up having to leave your home. Fill out our contact form today, and get a free estimate from the best roofing contractors in South Jersey.