Roofing Contractors In New Jersey

Your home or business’ roof like a suit of armor, protecting you, your family or employees, and your possessions from the elements as well as helping you to maintain your heat/cooling. Not unlike actual armor, the slightest damage can compromise the integrity of the entire thing.

While minor damage resulting in missing shingles, small leaks or loss of HVAC efficiency are serious problems, they, fortunately, don’t always mean the entire roof is a loss. Often, minor repairs can effectively remove these problems and go a long way to extending the lifespan of your roof for many years to come.

Whether it’s a small repair, a full replacement or a simple inspection, you’ll want the absolute best New Jersey roofing contractor available. That would be our skilled tradesmen at RGB Construction.

We pride ourselves in diligence, inscrutable attention to detail, years of experience and preparedness for every type of residential and industrial roofing type you could possibly have. We can offer the best roofing in New Jersey, and we’re eager to demonstrate that to you today.

Roof Replacement in New Jersey 

The worst possible scenario is a need to replace a roof, rather than replace it. Our inspectors are trained to go out of their way to formulate a comprehensive strategy of repairs that can, if possible, avoid the necessity of such drastic measures.

Unfortunately, even the most well-built roof isn’t immortal, and the ravages of time, the elements, and material obsolescence will result in it becoming necessary. When that time comes, RGB Construction is one of the best roofing companies in New Jersey, and we’re ready to replace any kind of roof quickly and efficiently.

We understand that this is a disruptive process, and we want to make this as quick and painless as possible while ensuring the best possible roof that can be built.

Residential Roof Repair in New Jersey

A better outcome and one we strive diligently for is a series of repairs to the existing roof. This is especially the case for residential roofs, where lengthy replacements disrupt the lives of families.

We’re prepared to handle repair to almost any type of residential roof, as well as associated systems.

At RGB, we handle these common roofing problems quite routinely: 

Commercial Roofing Contractors in New Jersey

Few New Jersey roofing contractors are as prepared for the diverse commercial roofing types we’re ready to repair or replace. We’ve got experience with all manner of metal, asphalt, ribbed and decorative roof types. We’re also prepared for slanted and flat roofs as well as TPO and EPDM membrane roof systems.

We can get your commercial roof repaired or replaced in no time flat, reducing the amount of disruption to your business as much as possible.

Don’t put off an inspection which can spot hard-to-see problems (which themselves can become bigger problems in the future). Let the best roofing contractors NJ has to offer ensure your roof can serve you for years to come. Fill out our contact form or call us today to schedule an inspection!