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Homeowners and building owners who have experienced roof hail damage and its destructive aftermath fully understand that once a hailstorm has hit and left its mark on a roof, there are usually ensuing issues of leaks and other problems that can surface in any number of areas.

That experience usually means finding the right repair person or company to take a look at what has happened to a roof once hailstones have done their damage. When the search begins to find an experienced and helpful company that can resolve hail damage issues be sure to contact one of our qualified representatives at 856-264-9093 or Schedule an Estimate.

Hail Damage Repair Near Me

Hail damage roof repair entails a number of steps, which begin with finding an experienced roofing company within your local New Jersey area or region that is familiar with what hail can do to a structure and what repairs need to be addressed. RGB Construction in New Jersey is more than ready to both inspect and repair any hail related situation with your home or business and respond to your needs.

In addition, consumers need to understand what they are dealing with when it comes down to what actual roof hail damage is, what it can do to shingles, what repair service involves, and who can best repair damages.

What Is Roof Hail Damage

Hail damages to a roof consists of assessing the various damages that can and do occur. Hail can hit almost any area of a roof as well as any other covering or other property surrounding a structure, and factors are in play when it comes to the kind and degree of damage. Varying circumstances include:

  • Changes of wind speed and direction

Hail is affected by wind and speed variables that can determine the area where hail hits and the seriousness of its impact.

  • Hailstone size and consistency

The size of hailstones affects the amount of damage done to a roof, as hail can run the gamut from the size of a pea to a softball and with hailstones lacking in smooth edges, any size can cause damage to a roof.

Hail Damage To Shingles

When it comes to the effects of hail on various structural materials, every type of material is impacted by hail in varying ways, and the age of materials and a roof’s condition can also be affected by the degree of damage.

Shingle types suffer hail damage in varying ways. Asphalt shingles can sustain cracked or broken tabs or dented, dinged and crushed areas where black spots may appear, plus the shingle’s granules can be entirely removed or displaced within the underneath shingle materials, which leaves a shiny appearance on what remains. With the loss of granules, a shingle loses its sun protection plus its usability.

Wood shingles damaged by hail can crack or split leaving a brownish orange coloration along with marks where hail has impacted them. The corners and edges of the shingles may also be sharp or there may be splits with little corner or edge deterioration. Splits along the grain of the wood can cause them to separate and break away from a roof, and similar problems can happen with slate shingles, as they can suffer the same fate with cracks that are more scattered, but slate shingles can also break loose and slide away from a roof.

New Jersey Hail Damage Repair Service

Determining the extent of hail damage to a roof may be difficult and a repair service can be of help in identifying the issues associated with hail damage. Expert hail service repair technicians will inspect the roof and look for the signs of hail damage from the top of the roof and will also feel for dents in the shingles and check the back of the shingles for any inconsistencies and loss of granules.

If heavy hail damage has occurred from large sized hail, a recommendation for partial or full roof replacement will probably be suggested. Roof inspections for hail damage are necessary if claims for damage are filed with an insurance provider.

New Jersey Hail Damage Repair Service

Choose RGB Construction For Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hail damage roof repair is one of RGB Construction’s specialties as we have been part of the construction industry for a number of years and are one of the top-rated local roofing contractors in southern New Jersey. Choose RGB Construction for our professionalism and experience in roof replacement as well as for repairs and general installation, and that includes any issues associated with hail damage. We utilize only quality materials with warranties and are GAF Certified. Complete the online contact form and a qualified representative in hail damage will get back to you with the answers you need to repair your damaged roof.