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Any homeowner who plans on installing a new roof is probably interested in finding a certified roofing contractor that knows his or her profession and can do it efficiently. Certification is a plus, particularly when it comes to the proper installation of a roof, but many homeowners ready to install or repair a roof may be unaware of the significance of GAF contractors and what is involved in their training and licensing standards.

So, just what is a GAFmaster elite roofing contractor? Gaf roofing contractors consist of a small percentage of roofers throughout the country. Before an individual can become a master elite roofer, they must invest in a training regimen, substantiate their qualifications, obtain credentials and follow strict work ethics.


Gaf master elite certified roofers who are independent, or work for established companies are required to meet the following qualifications:

  • Licensing – which consists of obtaining a license within their state and fulfilling roofing work in a professional manner
  • Insured – must be covered by a 1 million general liability policy as well as carry lawful workers compensation
  • Financially solvent – sound banking practices with no overdrafts or other negative financial dealings, plus a good or better credit rating
  • Distributor/Material providers – contractor bills are paid in full to distributor(s)and other providers that are associated with GAF master elite contractors
  • Liens or Judgments – no liens, judgments or other charges that have not been resolved
  • Business experience – at least (7) seven years in business, plus (1) one year in a certified program
  • Reputation – must be able to provide exemplary roofing services in a community work environment as well as provide a good work record
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)- a satisfactory rating with the BBB
  • Independent GAF (General Aniline & Film) Surveys – Customer satisfaction must be based on GAF company surveys with reports of customer satisfaction at a 99 percent level.
  • Continuing education – completes ongoing training to expand upon abilities
GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor

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Find GAF Master Elite Certified Roofers Near Me

Stringent Requirements

With GAF master elite requirements being stringent, it is a difficult process for master candidates to meet even the most basic of requirements, but in addition to that process, the final testing ground is dealing with territory or area management in the confirmation process. Management guidelines and fulfillment of all conditions in relation to master status are part of management requirements. In addition, other investigations are made into a candidate’s previous employment and interaction with customers to further determine if the contractor should be part of the master elite ranks.

With the requirements and guidelines that GAF certified roofing contractors have to undergo and follow, utilizing and employing a Master Elite contractor is definite assurance for any homeowner that the work completed will be done in a professional and accurate manner. Dependability is part of that affirmation as well. So, rather than trust an inexperienced and unlicensed roofer, find a GAF certified roofing contractor. You’ll be happy you did and if you are still unsure as to what a master elite contractor is capable of doing, complete the online contact form and an expert will advise you of a certified roofer’s expertise.