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The GAF Golden Pledge Warranty

If you have made the investment in a new roof, or are planning on installing one, you probably have thought about pursuing what a new roof warranty would involve. With increasing costs for roof replacements and installations, protecting a roof is a critical factor. You want your new roof to be covered for as long as possible and you want that coverage to be inclusive. So, just what do you need to know about a GAF Golden Pledge Warranty?

The Golden Pledge Background

GAF is a roofing manufacturing company that is well known throughout the North American region, and the world, for its quality and dependability. Founded in the late 19th century, its primary focus of business has been the production of roofing materials for residential and commercial use but, at one time, the company (General Aniline & Film, GAF) also produced photographic film, projectors, View-Masters, and 3D transparencies. GAF’s versatility continues to impress over a hundred years later with its many facets of productivity from superior roofing materials to other roofing related products.

Golden Pledge Ltd. Warranty

First-Rate Warranty

The actual Golden Pledge is the top-of-the-line warranty offered by GAF and includes major coverage that features both a 25 year coverage for labor as well as a 50-year coverage for materials. Other protections are available, but none carry the extended value of the Golden Pledge. The Pledge is backed directly by GAF and even if the contractor who completes your roofing installation happens to no longer be in business, the warranties are still honored through GAF, and an existing warranty can even be transferred when a house is sold and passed on to a new homeowner. As with any comprehensive warranty, the Golden Pledge does have requirements to qualify for the coverage.

Master Elite Contractor

When an Golden Pledge Warranty is offered by a roofing contractor, that roofing installation expert must be qualified as a Master Elite Contractor. Few contractors have qualified for this distinction, so with the GAF Pledge comes a highly trained and certified contractor to complete roof installations. The full Pledge warranty is only provided once an inspector, who is factory-trained, inspects a new roof and rates it. This is simply insurance that the elite contractor has completed the installation in the proper manner and has met GAF standards. A rating will be applied to the inspection so a new roof owner is aware that the warranty is valid and in full force.

gaf master elite contractor
GAF Shingle & Accessory Warranty

Shingle Coverage

Shingle coverage is included in a Golden Pledge Ltd Warranty. The roof shingle warranty includes 20 to 30 year time ranges on 3-tab shingles. Other plans under GAF include the Base Plan, which offers a 5 year period on 3-tab shingles; the System Plus, which offers 20 years on 3-tab shingles, and the Silver Pledge, which also offers 20 years on 3-tab shingles. A stipulation and requirement with the Golden Pledge Warranty is that pre-cut Starter Strip Shingles be used at the eaves and rakes and they must also have had pre-applied adhesive from the factory.

The GAF Golden Pledge is an all inclusive warranty and fully serves the needs of anyone considering a new roof, but if you have further questions concerning its coverage and stipulations, complete the online contact form and a representative will get back to you with the answers you need.