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The GAF Silver Pledge Warranty

With so many different warranties available today in relation to roofing materials and other issues that impact a new or older roof, it can be difficult to determine exactly what warranty fits the needs of either one. There are plans available that clearly address most any problem, and GAF has put together a number of strong warranty packages, which are structured to accommodate almost any situation. The GAF Silver Pledge Warranty is one of those programs that provides first-rate coverage as well as the satisfaction of knowing that your roof is going to be securely protected during its lifetime.

GAF Better Warranty Plan

The Silver Pledge is a Master Elite extended warranty that is rated as one of GAF’s better plans, which means that a roofing contractor must be certified and backed by the manufacturer to install and follow-up on your roof.

A top-of-the line warranty program, and a guaranteed installation not only add value to your home, but the warranty has all the necessary features to maintain a roof in an ongoing process, without fear of limited coverage. A roof that has the backing of its manufacturer, GAF, is going to add value to a home as well as satisfaction and peace of mind to a homeowner.

Silver Pledge Warranty

First-Rate Warranty

The actual Golden Pledge is the top-of-the-line warranty offered by GAF and includes major coverage that features both a 25 year coverage for labor as well as a 50-year coverage for materials. Other protections are available, but none carry the extended value of the Golden Pledge. The Pledge is backed directly by GAF and even if the contractor who completes your roofing installation happens to no longer be in business, the warranties are still honored through GAF, and an existing warranty can even be transferred when a house is sold and passed on to a new homeowner. As with any comprehensive warranty, the Golden Pledge does have requirements to qualify for the coverage.

What the Pledge Includes

Coverage is 100 percent and it extends to 50 years for the entire roofing system, with three to five years on 3-tab shingles. The cost of installation and workmanship is also included as is the labor, with lifetime coverage of 25-30 years on 3-tab shingles, and 10 years on the workmanship.

  • Wind Coverage – Wind coverage up to 130 miles per hour is covered, which means that hurricane force winds (Category 3) specifications are included in the warranty. Shingles are covered as well, other than 3-Tab.
  • Inspection – The Silver Pledge includes a 40-point inspection of your completed roof, which is performed by a master roofing inspector, and carries the guarantee that your new roof meets all the necessary and vital specifications that are approved under your warranty.
  • Warranty Transfer – Should you sell your home or move to another region or area, your Silver Pledge Warranty is transferable to the next owner of your home. There are stipulations that need to be met for eligibility, but your Master Elite Contractor will do their best to honor your transfer.
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GAF Shingle & Accessory Warranty

Master Elite roofing contractors in your area can pass on a GAF Silver Pledge Warranty to you, or other warranty programs that you may be eligible to participate in and purchase. The coverage is inclusive throughout the warranty period on workmanship as well as materials used. It is hard to not benefit from the GAF offering in the Silver Pledge, but if you have any questions or concerns with the Silver Pledge, fill out the online contact form, and an expert warranty representative will get back to you with the answers you need.