Roof damage from a storm?

Identify roof damage with the I.O.U. Method

After a storm, identify roof damage, and schedule necessary repairs before the next storm rolls in using the I.O.U. method: Inside, Outside, Up the ladder.

Find a trusted contractor

A manufacturer-certified roofer can help you identify damage and recommend a course of action.

Review your home insurance coverage

Before committing to a course of action, make sure you know what is and is not covered by your insurance policy.


Hail Damage
Hail stones can travel as fast as 100 mph. Your roofer can help identify less obvious impact sites.

Wind Damage
Wind uplift is not always as obvious as torn-away shingles. Your roofer can inspect for loosened sealant at shingle edges.

Storm Damage
Storm debris should be removed before the next wind storm scrapes it across your shingles, doing further damage.

Potential Roof Leaks
Water staining on inside ceilings and walls is one of the sure signs of a leak. And the moisture could also lead to mold.

How do I know if I need a new roof?

As age and weather take their toll on your roof, you may be able to identify some key signs that it’s time to get a professional evaluation.
7 Signs it’s time for a New Roof.

GAF factory-certified contractors are licensed and insured, and are the only ones who can offer you our strongest warranties. Know what to ask so that you’re getting a reliable, qualified roofer.


What to Expect from the Roof Replacement Process

Let a GAF Mater Elite® Contractor walk you through her company’s process for repairing or replacing a roof after a storm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I pay for my storm repairs?

If you’ve been putting off your roof repair or replacement because you’re not ready for a big upfront expense, you may want to consider a payment plan.

How long does the roof replacement process take?

Getting a new roof can be easy when you know where to start. Follow these steps for making the experience a great one – Before, During, and After your roof is installed.

Prepare for future storms with a durable GAF roof

GAF innovations include technologies designed to increase impact resistance, resist wind uplift, and more.