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The roof is the topmost important feature of a structure. Not only does a roof protect everything inside the building, it also makes that building a house or a business. When roofing issues arise, don’t wait to get help. Call a trusted New Jersey roofing contractor like RGB Construction. Not only are we highly rated, we are also committed to delivering the best services.

Living alongside the ocean has its advantages. For your roof, the salt air is a challenge. High winds and severe weather patterns guarantee that your roof is not going to last as long as you had hoped. RGB Construction understands the unique environment of your community, and we address these potential threats to your roof every time we inspect, maintain, repair, or replace your roof.

Roof Replacement in Brigantine, New Jersey


Roofing is not meant to last forever. Architectural asphalt shingles, for example, last about 30 years. Depending on your location, that lifespan may be shortened. In other words, there will come a time when you need to get your roof replaced. Call in RGB Construction when that time comes. Not only does our team hold credentials like GAF Master Elite certification, we also have years of experiencing replacing roofs in New Jersey. We also make the process as straightforward, transparent, and affordable as possible.

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Residential Roof Repair in Brigantine, New Jersey


Brigantine is a beautiful location, but it is also known for its high winds. Even with high-end roofing, you may end up with curling or cracked shingles from heat exposure; missing shingles and granules from the wind; and other damages from the salt air. Fortunately, many of these problems can be patched up quickly when a professional is on the job. Give us a call whenever you need an inspection and repair. Our team will be over soon to get started.

Commercial Roofing Contractors in Brigantine, New Jersey


Roofing comes in many shapes and forms, and commercial roofing often has different properties than residential ones. From metal to commercial TPO and modified bitumen, RGB Construction can handle it all. Whether you need your flat roof replaced or need some damages repaired, our team promises to work efficiently. We also work as quietly as possible, so your business is not disrupted during repairs.

Our commercial roofing services include:

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When you are experiencing residential or commercial roofing problems, you need a New Jersey roofing contractor to fix it. RGB Construction is here to help. Our team is skilled, professional, and committed to delivering only the best results. Every service we provide is guaranteed, right down to the materials we use. If you would like to schedule a consultation with us, please call our office at 856-347-2297 or fill out the contact form.