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Damaged shingles. Cracked flashings. Discolored ceilings and walls from leaks. There is no telling how roofing problems will manifest on or within your home or business. Yet, knowing you have a trusted NJ roofer on your side can make the trouble a little less hectic. When roofing problems arise, call in the best roofers you can find. RGB Construction is highly rated and has a number of services to make your roofing issues a thing of the past.

Located in Atlantic County, Ventnor City is situated right along the water. As gorgeous as it may be, this place on the map is also known for high winds, salt air, and fluctuating temperatures throughout the year. For a roof, salt winds are particularly damaging. RGB Construction has been serving Atlantic County for many years, so we understand the unique considerations that have to be made when replacing and repairing roofing.

Roof Replacement in Ventnor City, New Jersey


As much as you wish for it, a roof is not going to last a lifetime, especially when you are near the ocean. Most shingles last 20-30 years, which means that you will be seeing the signs of an old roof soon. When you begin to spot missing shingles, granules on the ground, or even soft spots on the roof, do not wait to call in the professionals from RGB Construction. Our team holds prestigious certifications, including GAF Master Elite, ensuring that you will be receiving superior materials and customer care.

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Residential Roof Repair In Ventnor City, New Jersey

Throughout the year, your roof is exposed to all kinds of weather patterns, including extreme heat and freezing temperatures. This does damage that will add up over time. When that happens, you end up with missing hardware, dry rot, punctures, leaks, and many other roofing problems. RGB Construction can solve these common residential roofing problems in a flash—just give us a call. Our team will be over to help you soon.

Commercial Roofing Contractors in Ventnor City, New Jersey


Running a business is difficult enough without having roofing problems on top of everything else. Whether you have bubbling or ponding on the flat roof or the shingles were torn away or the metal was dented by debris, RGB Construction can help. Our team is well-versed in installing and maintaining both residential and commercial roofing. Furthermore, we will work quietly and efficiently throughout the day, ensuring that the roofing issue is solved without your customers ever knowing we were there.

Our commercial roofing services include:

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There are many New Jersey roofing companies out there, but few have the amount of professionalism, experience, and credentials that RGB Construction holds. Each member of our team is fully committed to giving you the best experience. Everything we do is fully guaranteed, right down to your satisfaction. If you would like to schedule a consultation with us, please call our office at 856-347-2297 or fill out the contact form.