Roofing Contractors in Commercial Township, New Jersey

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Your roof is one of the hardest working parts of your home. In the summer, it absorbs the harmful UV rays, protecting your family and your belongings from damage. In the winter, it keeps snow and ice outside your home. All year round, your roof works to keep your energy costs low. It is also a very important part of the curb appeal of your home, enticing buyers should you choose to sell your home. It absorbs the beating sun during the hot summer months. It keeps the ice and snow from damaging the interior of your home in the winter. Yet, it is also one of the most unappreciated parts of your home. Gutters may fill with leaves and cause dams that can damage the roof or a summer storm could tear shingles off, leaving parts of your roof vulnerable. If you believe your roof needs attention, contact the roofing contractors in South Jersey at RGB Construction.

Roofing Contractors in Commercial Township, New Jersey

When you think of your roof, you more than likely think only of how it keeps rain, snow, and ice from entering your home, protecting your belongings from damage. However, your roof does much more than that. Your roof is a critical part of the energy efficiency of your home, keeping your cooling and heating costs down throughout the year. It also contributes significantly to the curb appeal of your home which may increase your value should you decide to sell. Buyers are less likely to purchase a home with missing shingles, gutter damage or worn areas. If you believe your roof needs attention, contact the roofing contractors in South Jersey, RGB Construction to see how they may be able to help.

Roof Replacement in Commercial Township, New Jersey

If you have noticed damp spots on your interior ceilings or walls, it may be time to consider a roof replacement. It also may be time if there are areas of your roof with missing shingles or sagging areas. As GAF Master Elite Certified roofers in South Jersey, RGB Construction uses only the highest quality materials when they replace your roof. The certification, which only 30 percent of all roofing contractors hold in this country, also guarantees that the technicians who replace your roof have undergone extensive training. When the roofers in South Jersey at RGB Construction replace your roof, they perform the job as if they were working on their own family’s home. That’s because at RGB Construction, they consider every customer as part of the family.

Common roofing problems we handle:

Residential Roof Repair in Commercial Township, New Jersey

There is a possibility that your roof may not need a complete replacement, even if you have noticed minor leaks or damage. A few shingles blew off during a storm or damage around your gutters due to an ice dam, even a tree limb that damaged your roof during a summer thunderstorm may be able to be repaired. The talented roofing contractors in South Jersey at RGB Construction can repair the damage so it is virtually undetectable. Not only are we GAF Master Elite Certified, but we also have experience with other types of roofing, including metal, cedar shake, slate, tile, and more. The talented technicians at RGB Construction will perform a thorough inspection of your roof to see if a replacement may resolve your problem, saving you time and money in the process.

Commercial Roofing Contractors in Commercial Township, New Jersey

The roofers in South Jersey at RGB Construction understand that when a problem develops with your commercial roof, the consequences can be disastrous. A roof leak could lead to thousands of dollars of damaged inventory. Severe damage to your roof could mean your customers and employees cannot enter the building safely. Even if the damage is minor, your employees may not be able to perform their job duties due to leaks. We also understand that roofing problems do not necessarily occur during business hours. For this reason, we offer 24 hour a day, 7-day a week emergency services. We can get a technician to your place of business quickly in order to perform emergency repairs that may keep your losses to a minimum. We have experience with many different types of commercial roofing, from modified bitumen to EPDM. We have worked on both

slanted and flat roofs as well. Even if your roof has the equipment, such as HVAC units, we can perform your replacement or repair with minimal inconvenience to you or your customers.


If you have noticed problems with the roof on your home or business, you need to contact the professional roofers at RGB Construction. We will provide you with a no-obligation inspection and go over the entire process with you, guiding you throughout to be sure you choose the roofing materials that are perfect for your home. We understand curb appeal and energy efficiency, so you can be sure our recommendations are based on the needs of you and your family. Contact us today to arrange a consultation by calling or filling out the easy online form to learn more about how the roofing contractors in South Jersey at RGB Construction can help you with all your roofing needs.