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Have you thought about your roof lately? You undoubtedly know how important it is on a practical level. Your roof keeps the elements out, so the rain and heat and snow and sleet can’t destroy your possessions and make your life a miserable experience. It serves as a critical upper structural integrity component to help keep your house sturdy and solid.

A roof keeps your heating and cooling inside, and combats the opposite extremes outdoors, so you can enjoy modern climate control to its fullest in complete comfort. But, did you know your roof is also important to your house’s overall aesthetic? A badly-designed roof can ruin the aesthetic and spoil the curb appeal. A roof in bad shape is noticed almost immediately and quickly becomes all a prospective buyer or renter can see.

A roof in poor enough condition can actually violate a great many building codes, and can result in your house or business being condemned until the issues are resolved. Your roof affects your resale value, your curb appeal and the legality of the structure as a dwelling or place of business.

If something is wrong with your roof, it needs addressed wright away by one of the best roofing contractors in South Jersey – RGB Construction.

A GAF-Certified Service Provider

We’re proud to be among the 2% of contractors holding a GAF certification. This isn’t an easy certification to obtain, requiring strict compliance with insurance, licensing, reputation and a commitment to continued professional training to stay up with codes, best practices, and new technologies.

Only the best roofers in South Jersey can boast such a certification, and for good reason. You know that if your contractor is GAF certified, they’re the best you can get. We take this seriously, and our diligence, customer service, and care reflect this in every job we take.

Roof Replacement in Robbinsville, New Jersey

Sometimes, for all the regular inspections, repairs and maintenance, a roof has to be replaced. Nothing lasts forever, and roofs are not an exception. When this happens, we’re here to make sure this is handled the proper way, no matter what kind of roof you want to be installed.

We realize how disruptive this process is, so we prioritize quality, diligence and speed with making this happen, so you can get on with your life or your business in peace.

Residential Roof Repair In Robbinsville, New Jersey

The best outcome of roof problems, in our eyes, is the ability to repair the problem rather than replace it. We’re equipped to handle all manner of roof issues from skylights, insulation, solar installations and missing/damaged shingle, all the way to structural integrity problems and much more.

We’re aware of how disruptive repairs can be, so we affect them quickly and efficiently with the quality our GAF certification positively demands, no excuses, no exceptions.

Common roofing problems we handle:

Roof Replacement
Commercial Roofing Contractors

Commercial Roofing Contractors In Robbinsville, New Jersey

Commercial roofs are a different beast, and we understand that. They tend to have a wider array of styles and materials such as asphalt, white, metal or membrane to name a few. We’re equipped to repair or replace a commercial roof to meet the stricter codes of quality, while disrupting your business as little as possible, for as little time as possible.

We also offer restoration of older roof types (metal and decorative) which few roofers in South Jersey can actually handle. We’ll give you a price you like and have you running your business with peace of mind in no time flat.

How Do I Know My Roof Has Problems? 

Some problems make themselves known quite quickly – leaks, decreases in HVAC performance, missing or damaged shingles. However, other problems can be sneaky, and lead to the more visible problems if left unchecked. You can’t know about these problems without an inspection.
This is why an annual roof inspection (and a prompt inspection after any emergency-scale severe weather) is very important.
Don’t wait for your roof’s problems to get worse, or for unseen problems to rear their ugly heads. Fill out the contact form below or contact us today to schedule an inspection. Let the best roofing contractors in South Jersey help you.