Should I Insure My 20 Year Old Roof?

Should I Insure My 20 Year Old Roof?

Many people don’t have a good understanding of their homeowners’ insurance because of the wording used in their policies. Insurance companies in states that frequently experience large hail, tornadoes, and hurricanes are changing to a type of coverage that is much less favorable to people called actual cash value or ACV. Some insurance companies change

Eco-Friendly Homes: What You Need To Know

The “green” movement has been running full steam, really, since the 1960s, and for good reason. It’s true, we only have one planet and no immediate prospects for relocating to another one if things go pear-shaped. This alone should be enough motivation for us to all do our part, however small, to reduce our carbon

Top Roofing Trends Of 2019

Roofing trends might not seem exciting or glamorous, but they are important if you want to keep your roof in tip-top shape as well as environmentally friendly. Trends in 2019 are geared towards eco-friendly roofing solutions, and they have been part of what has driven current trends. Other looks involve designs, styles and colors. Here

What Is Downspout and What Does It Do?

The rain is pounding down on your roof and all you can think about is whether or not the water is going to create an annoying and endless drip, drip, drip. Well, if you have an adequate drainage system, you should have no worries about any dripping or gushes of water coming down to soak

Pros and Cons of a New Roof

Pros and Cons of a New Roof Vs. Overlay

Sooner or later, your roof will decay to the point that it has to be addressed. It doesn’t matter whether or not you take excellent care of it, it doesn’t matter how fantastically-built it is. Entropy is a universal force, and nothing lasts forever. Consistent repairs, while necessary and possible to expertly do, actually do