How does a chimney work

How does a chimney work?

Having a chimney is a luxury for some and a burden for others. No one better likes a warm, cozy fire going when its unbearably cold and dreary, but thinking about maintaining a chimney, hearth, and fireplace can be a chore, yet there is just something about a fire crackling in a fireplace that warms

Beginner's Guide To Flat Roof Systems

Beginner’s Guide To Flat Roof Systems

Flat roofs have been kind of the black sheep of the roofing family, here in the U.S., for quite some time. Sure, we see them all the time on commercial/public buildings, but it’s pretty rare to see these on most residential structures outside certain regions (they’re common in arid climates due to their wind resistance,

What Is Shake-Style Roofing

What Is Shake-Style Roofing?

Shake-style roofing has changed since its initial use in colonial America. Wood was in abundance and it was only practical to use it for roofs of the period. Defining a traditional shake is fairly straightforward as it is a wooden shingle that is made from a split log. It is actually a board on which

What is the purpose of flashing on a roof

What is the purpose of flashing on a roof?

A roofing system can be confusing to some as there are a list of materials that complete a whole roofing bundle, and many potential homeowners may feel that anything other than a basic shingle package is unnecessary, but repairing and/or replacing a roof goes beyond just shingles. There is more to add to the package

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Roof?

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Your Roof?

No roofing contractor worth their salt is going to try to pretend that roof replacement isn’t the most involved, costliest home upgrade you could possibly need in most cases. It’s no small wonder that the thought of this makes most homeowners squirm, and it’s why most good contractors will do everything they can to repair

How To Solve The Most Common Gutter Problems

How To Solve The Most Common Gutter Problems

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of their gutters, albeit unintentionally. Like drainage in any other system, gutters direct water and debris away from your roof, to prevent leaks, decay and overall water damage. However, there aren’t many homeowners who’re foreign to gutter problems. Over the years, one of the stereotypical drudgery chores every teen has

How To Convert Roof Pitch To Degrees

How To Convert Roof Pitch To Degrees

This was inevitable – carpenters measure slopes, pitches, and angles by ratios, which is less than intuitive to anyone else. Most people are accustomed to mathematical degrees (or possibly radians) if that. This is worsened by the fact that the unit of measure used in the United States is in increments of 12 when we

What Is The Minimum Roof Slope?

No homeowner is unfamiliar with the basic concerns when it comes to a roof pitch. Slanted roofs are one of the reasons most people prefer to never be up on their roof to begin with, and outside some aesthetic choices, most homeowners tend, as a result, to think “the less pitch the better”. This is