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5 On-Trend Roofing Styles In 2021

As a homeowner, you might have been stuck with the same boring roof for the past decade or so. Since then, roofing materials have gotten lighter but more durable, and there are dozens of trending roofing styles that you have probably never seen before. If you’re going to be searching for a new roof soon,

How To Find Local Roofing Companies in your Area

Most roof jobs fall under the category of “critical repairs.” This is because your roof is the main thing that protects your home from rain and other forms of precipitation. For those who live in snowy areas, a roof compromise can be even more devastating. All of this comes down to one thing: You can’t

Storm Chasers: Keep Them Off Your Roof

A true “storm chaser” and one you want to keep off your roof is a roofing scammer. You can also identify them as out-of-town storm chasers and roofing gypsies. They’re recognizable through their wily ways of talking people into roof repairs or replacements with no intention of doing their shoddy work or following through at

How Bad Weather Impacts Your Roof

Bad weather causes many things and it can certainly impact your roof. Just the sun constantly beating down on a roof is enough of a problem but there are other factors with inclement weather that compromise the integrity of your roof.   Bad Weather Eventually Affects a Roof Severe weather can bring a double dose