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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitumen Roofs

Exploring the Benefits and Drawbacks of Bitumen Roofs for Commercial Roofing in Gloucester County, NJ Are you in Gloucester County, NJ, and considering a reliable roofing solution for your commercial property? Look no further than bitumen roofs! As a reputable local roofing company serving South Jersey, RGB Construction is here to guide you through the advantages and disadvantages

What Is A Tear-Off Roof?

What Is A Tear-Off Roof?

When it comes to roofing projects, understanding the different types and techniques is essential. One standard roofing method is a tear-off roof. In this article, we will explore what a tear-off roof is and why it is a popular choice for homeowners in South Jersey. RGB Construction, a local roofing company in South Jersey, specializes

Maintaining Your New GAF Solar Shingle Roof

Maintaining Your New GAF Solar Shingle Roof

As the popularity of solar energy continues to grow, more homeowners are opting for solar panels or solar shingles on their roofs. There is no denying that going solar is an excellent long-term investment that can help save the environment and your wallet. However, dirty, neglected solar panels and shingles are not going to be

Should Your Roof Have Synthetic Underlayment?

Back in the day, roofers would commonly use an asphaltic felt paper underlayment. While traditional roofing would use felt as an underlayment, a growing market demands more alternatives like synthetic underlayment. Most people think of roofs only think of the shingles on top of it, but they often put a layer of protection underneath the

5 Reasons to Not DIY Your NJ Roof

The roof is a barrier between you and the elements. When your roof is damaged or needs to be replaced, you may consider skipping professional residential roofing services to try doing it yourself. Sure, it may be tempting to save some money on the repairs by fixing your own NJ roof, but there are plenty

Common Winter Roofing Problems in New Jersey

The winter weather in New Jersey can be harsh and unforgiving, due to the northerly location of our state. For a number of reasons, your roof can end up taking a lot of damage from the winter weather. Without proper precautions, a bad enough winter could even cause serious damage. That kind of damage is