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Building Deck Over Garage Roof

You want to build a deck over your garage roof, but you’re not sure of how to go about the process. Another thing, you’re not even sure if your garage roof can sustain a deck. Also, what are the advantages of building a deck over a garage roof? Here are answers to those questions.  

Black Metal Roof: Get The Facts

A black metal roof provides your home with exceptional curb appeal and unique charm. These roofs can suit plenty of styles and preferences. Along with that, they can match almost every type of siding option. Black metal is an excellent choice for most homes. Before you install black metal on your roof, here are a

Can You Put Siding Over Brick?

A brick home does give your house great curb appeal. However, you don’t have to be stuck with that option. While you might want to update the exterior of your brick home with siding, is that a good choice? Let’s look at your options if you are ready to cover your brick with new siding.

How To Build A Roof Over An Existing Deck

Building a roof over an existing deck seems like an involved project. It’s one that you could do yourself, but getting the opinion of a professional along with their help with such a project is probably a good idea. You want the work done quickly and efficiently, and pushing yourself can be unproductive; whereas working