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How Long do Roofs Last in New Jersey?

There is no question that your roof is an important part of your home’s exterior. Not only does it keep the elements outside your home, but it is also a critical part of its energy efficiency. In addition, when it is time to sell, your roof will be important to your home’s curb appeal. Buyers

Can You Negotiate with Roofing Contractors?

RGB Construction understands how important a roof truly is in providing weather and other environmental exposure protection for your home’s beloved interior living quarters. This roofing contractor also understands the need for upfront and honest business transactions and ongoing, prompt communication with their valued customers from the project’s start to completion. Keeping total costs low

Are Gutters Really Necessary?

Most homes have gutters that are there to drain excess water away from the rooftop and farther out where the water is less likely to damage the foundation or topsoil often placed near the exterior home walls. Keeping the gutters in good shape involves clearing out the gutters at least two times a year in